Remote Leadership- how does the Hotjar Exec Team lead the 100% distributed company?

Co-founder & CEO
Season 1
Episode 6

How to govern, lead, execute and scale  a 100% distributed organisation?

Hotjar is a B2B SaaS for user behaviour analytics, a global market leader in its category .

The company launched in 2015, bootstrapped to profitability of over €25 mi ARR, with consistent YOY growth, strong employer brand and a strong international Team of circa 100 Hotjarians spread across EMEA and North America.

We’re zooming in with David Darmanin, CEO & Founder at Hotjar, on the notion of remote or, as he prefers to call it, distributed leadership.

If you are an executive contemplating leading remotely or a founder building out distributed leadership teams –  tune in to find out the Hotjar take on that.

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