our mission

Attracting top industry talent has never been more competitive.

Our mission is to build an A-Player Leadership Team that will drive your business to the next level.

We do it by leveraging our search expertise and curated network of top industry leaders.

You can expect us to:

  • define the role and the ideal persona
  • build a strong pitch to passive market
  • attract, qualify, engage, mediate in offer and negotiation
  • optimize process efficiency and candidate experience

KeyHire is a trusted network of Executive Search Partners with a strong track record of Pan-European appointments.  Our expertise lies in growth stage, pure play digital. We partner with venture capital backed,  bootstrapped and corporate backed organizations.

Headquartered in London, we operate an international network of world-class leadership talent.

We curate high-touch individual and trusted relationships with our candidate pool.  Our research capability focuses on market mapping and analysis to keep abreast of market movement, trends and data.

KeyHire North Star is to deliver impactful change for your organisation and our candidate network.  Game-changing and life-changing. 

We were born out of and driven by the passion for putting people first.

‘I had the pleasure of working with KeyHire on placing key exec roles at Hotjar. They introduced us to great matches, and their communication and work ethic is impeccable. KeyHire also invested time to truly understand our needs and what we were looking for. Because of this we’ve given them more roles and they have become a critical part of our overall hiring efforts.’

David Darmanin, CEO & Founder, Hotjar

KeyHire helped us with one of our investments’ UK Leadership expansion needs. They are fast; we liked the fact that they were able to compose on-target candidate list in a very short period of time. They were also able to give detailed info regarding the candidates. They are flexible, open to receive feedback. KeyHire are not a headhunter with “I am done after 5 candidates shortlisted” approach. Very collaborative and responsible. Ready to go extra mile if needed. We will definitely work with them again for our portfolio companies.’

Puren Ucar, Talent Manager Earlybird Venture Capital

‘I’ve had the chance to work with KeyHire on a particularly challenging req (sales leadership for a technical SaaS product) that we needed to fill in Europe. I’ve worked with several external recruiters in the region and KeyHire has really blown me away by how spot on the candidates they introduced us to were. Our requirements were very challenging and they still managed to find profiles who would perfectly fit these requirements. I only have good words to share on their work.’

Gaëtan Gachet, Chief Strategy Officer Algolia

‘We’ve worked with KeyHire on a number of executive search and senior recruitment projects for Gelato.

The search work was conducted to the high standards required by Gelato and as such I would recommend KeyHire as an effective and reliable search partner to growth startups. KeyHire are fast and they manage the communication very well.’

Christian Sæterhaug, VP North America, Gelato

‘I worked with KeyHire during an executive search at dataArtisans. That was a hard search for a variety of reasons, but KeyHire worked especially hard to map out the market and delivered successfully.’

Kostas Tzoumas, CEO & Founder Ververica, Alibaba Group

‘I worked with KeyHire to find a talented Head of UX based on our company needs. Through developing a common understanding of what our priorities were and our Vision, KeyHire helped us to be successful in finding the right candidate. I would have no hesitation in working with KeyHire again to find the right person to join our company.’

John Broome, Head of Product Management & UX, Syncron

KeyHire are doing a great work helping us to find best talents for our company. I highly recommend to work with them.’

Joan Burkovic, CEO & Founder Bankin'

‘I’ve worked with KeyHire on the search of a VP Marketing for PlayPlay which is one of our portfolio companies.

KeyHire are a business-oriented headhunter able to pitch a startup as if they were an investor 🙂

They were highly involved in the process, sourced tens of great candidates and contributed to sourcing a great VP Marketing who joined PlayPlay a few months after we launched the hiring process.’

Mark Laurent, Founding Partner Kerala Ventures

‘We worked with KeyHire in a search for one of our cyber security companies, where they helped us staff a C-level position. KeyHire managed the process very well and we ended up finding a very good candidate. I can only recommend them!’

Benedikt Kronberger, Partner btov Partners

KeyHire was retained to conduct a search for the Head of Studio for Lockwood Publishing. I like the very calm, controlled and curated approach they took to approaching potential candidates. I felt KeyHire made sure they were representing our company in a very sensitive and professional way and yielded excellent results as they approached the candidates in a respectful way. I felt that KeyHire was looking after our interests. Trust is key here as you often feel other recruiters can be inflating salaries and feeding back information that you don’t feel is often the full picture. I would fully recommend using their more curated approach.’

Joel Kemp Co-Founder Lockwood Publishing

KeyHire helped Docplanner on a senior search a while ago. They are a partner rather than a provider. They understand what good looks like and have a relevant international network. If we had not internalised exec search in DP, I would have been thrilled to continue our working relationship. Keep rocking it!

Lucek Samulowski, Co-Founder and Chief People Officer at Docplanner

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